NEWS | Jan. 7, 2020

M2A1 Machine Gun: Install the M19 BFA the Right Way

Dear Editor,

Some Soldiers out there are just doing it wrong! They're trying to install the M19 blank firing attachment (BFA) over the flash suppressor of the M2A1 machine gun. Spoiler alert: it won't fit!

The wrong way has Soldiers loosening the nuts so the clamping bolts reach the holes in the barrel support. Then the bolts and nuts fall off and get lost.

Here’s the right way to do it. Replace the flash suppressor with the barrel cap, NSN 5340-01-545-2949, follow the instructions in TM 9-1005-314-13&P (Jun 13).
50-cal barrel with BFA installed
50-cal barrel with BFA installed

And while we're at it, Soldiers need to put those Gerbers away. If they don’t stop cutting the wire rope that connects the cartridge guide assembly to the BFA, the guides will soon be lost.

Finally, Soldiers should use the wrench portion of the guide to tighten the nuts on the clamping bolts like it says in the installation and removal instructions in TM 9-1005-314-13&P (Jun 13). 
BFA mounting hardware
BFA mounting hardware

Karl Hayhurst 
Ft Polk, LA
Editor’s note: Great points, Mr. Hayhurst. We rely on experts like you to help us hit the bullseye when it comes to using our equipment and weapons properly.