NEWS | Dec. 31, 2019

UH-60 Black Hawk: Sun Shades Protect Aircraft from Heat

Black Hawk Aircraft

Your Black Hawk will heat up fast without cover from the sun. The inside temperature can get hot enough to fry an egg!

If you want to keep your aircraft temperature down, use sun shades. They’ll block the sun’s heat while keeping the aircraft cool inside.

The inside shades for the windshields, doors, overhead and nose of the aircraft comes with NSN 1680-01-683-2727 (PN HWIDK511). Get the aircraft front end cover with NSN 1730-01-683-2947 (PN HWGNAL511/1).   

Your aircraft doesn’t have to bake in the sweltering sun. Be sure to order and use sun shades to keep the inside of your aircraft cool.
Black Hawk front end cover
Use full front end cover on aircraft 
Black Hawk inside covers
Use inside shades for windshields, doors and overhead and nose

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