NEWS | Dec. 17, 2019

Apache and Black Hawk: T700-GE-701C/D Engine Training Is Back


Back by popular demand and running through December 2020 is the General Electric (GE) T700-701C/D Line Maintenance Course. It’s held in Springdale, Ohio.

The course is open to Apache and Black Hawk T700 maintenance personnel and Department of the Army civilians on a first-come, first-served basis. Although classes are already full, you can sign up to be waitlisted.  

Students can expect five classroom and shop days of detailed discussion and practical exercises covering engine structures, airflows and support systems and operating characteristics. Practical shop work includes hands-on training for removing and replacing line replaceable units (LRUs), configuration study and engine bore scope procedures. Students will also receive information on engine maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

There is no cost for the class but your unit must cover temporary duty (TDY) expenses.  If you’d like to be placed on the waiting list, contact AMCOM’s Dan Norton at (256) 313-0938 for more info.

Here’s the training schedule:
Start Date End Date Product Line Seats Available
1/27/20 1/31/20 US Army T700 9
3/16/20 3/20/20 US Army T700 9
4/6/20 4/10/20 US Army T700 9
5/4/20 5/8/20 US Army T700 9
7/13/20 7/17/20 US Army T700 9
8/3/20 8/7/20 US Army T700 9
9/21/20 9/25/20 US Army T700 9
10/12-20 10-16/20 US Army T700 9
11/12/20 11/16/20 US Army T700 9