NEWS | Dec. 12, 2019

M200A1 Trailer: Lunette NSNs Update

M200A1 trailer
M200A1 with Adjustable Lunette
A few years back, some modifications were made to the M200A1 trailer’s adjustable lunette.  Since then, even more updates have taken place that led to the current configuration for the trailer in the tech manuals.
The new NSNs and part numbers for the pintle pin (Item 11) and eye hook lunette (Item 12) will be included in Fig 7 of the new TM 9-6115-782-13&P when it gets published. You’ll also see the updated info in TM 9-2330-205-13&P. 

In the meantime, use this chart: 
Item SMR Code NSN CAGE PN Description QTY
11 PAFZZ 2540-01-671-2161 19207 12593531 Pin, pintle 2
12 PAFZZ 5340-01-612-1418 19207 12563535 Lunette, eye hook 2