NEWS | Dec. 9, 2019

M230 Automatic Gun: Target These Tips

Target these tips to keep your M230 automatic gun on target, particularly in a desert environment:
TW-25 lube is to be used only in the desert

It’s good for a sand and dust environment because it doesn’t attract sand as much as GMD.  But that’s the only place where TW-25 is OK.  Everywhere else, use GMD, NSN 9150-00-935-4018, because it holds up better to the intense heat that the M230 produces.  Remember you need permission from TACOM to use TW-25.  Your TACOM LAR can help with that.  Once you’ve received approval and instructions, order a 4-oz tube of TW-25 with NSN 9150-01-439-1873 or a 32-oz jar with NSN 9150-01-535-8687.
Clean every two weeks in the desert, whether you’re firing or not

Even if you’re using TW-25, sand is still a problem and needs to be cleaned off.  And the M230 needs to be lubed again to avoid firing problems. 
Don’t leave gun bags on for days at a time

Gun bags are an excellent way to protect the M230 from the weather and from dirt and sand.  But they need to be removed every few days to prevent condensation that can lead to corrosion. Take off the bag and wipe away any moisture. 
No pressure washing around the M230

That not only cleans off dirt, but washes away lubricant. Clean around the gun with a damp cloth instead.