NEWS | Dec. 9, 2019

Ammunition: Caring for the New 9mm Round Prevents Accidents

Dear Editor,                                                                                                                                        
Soldiers are now getting the new M17/ M18 modular handgun system, and with the handguns come new 9mm ammo. 
There are two new rounds: the M1152 ball and M1153 special purpose.  The ball bullet has a flat tip and the special purpose has an open hollow point.
New 9mm ammo for M17/M18 modular handgun
New rounds for M17/M18 modular handgun
Operators need to handle the rounds with care and keep them clean and dry.  They must not allow the cartridge bullets or primer to hit any hard surface, including the ground. 
This is because the round could accidentally fire if a hard surface strikes the primer.  The exposed lead cavity of the new M1153 bullet can be damaged if it drops to the ground. When it hits a hard surface, the open tip can close up, causing it not to perform as intended.
For those who work in security or law enforcement, it’s possible they may be carrying this new ammo daily. It’s important for them to remember to inspect the rounds for damage and look for obvious damage, such as the hollow point being closed up or out-of-round. 
If this type of damage is found, they’ll need to replace the rounds with good ones to ensure reliable performance.  We can’t afford a weapon stoppage due to damaged ammo!
Tell Soldiers that when it’s time to clear their weapon, don’t be Rambo and cycle the rounds through the weapon chamber!  Ejecting the rounds will cause them to hit the ground. 

They simply need to follow the instructions in TM 9-1005-470-10 (Mar 19) to eject the magazine and manually remove the cartridges.  This will prevent the rounds from hitting the ground and being damaged.  It’ll also protect the hollow cavity from hitting the pistol feed ramp when cycling rounds through the weapon.
Bottom line is, Soldiers must take care of their ammo so they can get the performance they expect.

Daniel Saito
Rock Island, IL

Editor’s note: A good tip from you, Dan. Soldiers, protect your ammo.