NEWS | Dec. 5, 2019

Black Hawk: Turn In Repair Parts!


Maintenance and overhaul programs rely on you to turn in unserviceable parts! If you have any unserviceable Black Hawk parts lying around, turn them in ASAP.
Without those turn-ins, on-hand inventory tanks, resulting in critical shortages. That means you wait longer for the repair parts you’ve ordered and readiness takes a hit.

Here is a list of unserviceable components that are especially needed for repair programs:
Component NSN PN
  Horizontal stabilizer (UH-60A/L) 1560-01-301-8212 70200-07050-051
  Stabilator fitting assembly (UH-60A/L) 1560-01-088-1709 70209-07051-052
  Stabilator fitting (UH-60A/L) 1560-01-081-9253 70209-07051-050
  Instrument test set (UH-60A/L) 4920-01-592-6411 06-0125-65
  Hydraulic pumping unit (UH-60A/L/M) 4320-01-147-2150 1311024-003 or 70652-02950-105
  Hydraulic accumulator (UH-60A/L/M) (Critical item) 1650-01-222-4316 3197170-5 or 70651-03201-105
  Auxiliary valve assembly (UH-60A/L/M) 1560-01-399-5104 52900-2 or 70651-03300-102
  Hydraulic accumulator (UH-60A/L/M) 1650-01-250-3767 0204-0004 or 70651-03201-104
  Hydraulic servo valve (Critical item) (UH-60A/L/M) 1650-01-263-7870 70410-02540-102 or 72120-01
  Hydraulic motor pump (UH-60A/L/M) 1650-01-224-6682 4730-20E or 70550-02046 or M-4730-20E
  Primary transfer module hydraulic servo valve (UH-60A/L/M) 1650-01-162-5035 60900-11 or 70652-02415-042
  Right hand stabilator (UH-60M) (Critical item) 1560-01-542-8455 70200-07801-102
  Left hand stabilator (UH-60M) (Critical item) 1560-01-542-7904 70200-07801-101
Have a question? Contact the item manager, Mary Looney, at (256) 843-0152.