NEWS | Dec. 5, 2019

Black Hawk: Ship Repair Parts in Right Containers


Maintenance and overhaul programs rely on you to turn in unserviceable parts! But that’s just half the story. When parts are shipped in the wrong shipping containers, unnecessary damage results. That increases the scrap rate for each part and keeps users who need those parts waiting. It also costs Uncle Sam lots of money.

If you have any unserviceable Black Hawk parts ready for turn-in, make sure you place the part in the correct shipping container.

Use this table to ensure you use the right shipping container for the UH-60A/L/M components listed:
Component NSN PN
Container NSN
 Hydraulic motor pump 1650-01-224-6682 4730-20E 8145-00-522-6907
 Hydraulic servo valve 1650-01-263-7870 70410-02540-102 8145-00-301-2987
 Auxiliary valve
 assembly (Critical item)
1650-01-399-5104 52900-2 8110-00-254-5722
  Hydraulic accumulator
  (Critical item)
1650-01-222-4316 3197170-5 8145-00-536-4925
  Hydraulic accumulator
  (Critical item)
1650-01-250-3767 0204-0004 8145-00-536-4925
  Primary transfer module
  hydraulic servo valve
1650-01-162-5035 60900-11 8145-00-522-6907
Have a question? Contact the item manager, Mary Looney, at (256) 843-0152.
Soldiers prepare U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters for staging on Chièvres Air Base, Belgium
Photo by Pascal Demeuldre