NEWS | Dec. 4, 2019

UH-60A Black Hawks: Aircraft Transfer Pointers


If you’re transferring your UH-60A aircraft through the Black Hawk Exchange and Sales Team (BEST) Divestiture Program, keep these key points front and center.
Point #1:

Thoroughly read all directives that apply to aircraft movement provided by the Utility Helicopter Project Office’s (UHPO) Readiness and Fleet Management Office. They provide specific transfer instructions that range from transfer standards, movement dates, property disposition, aircraft records and funding.
Point #2:

Ensure all aircraft historical records and current weight and balance forms accompany the transferred aircraft. At a minimum, they need to be shipped by traceable means within three working days after aircraft departure.
Point #3:

You must ensure that no removal or exchange of aircraft components takes place once aircraft records are inspected and updated and the DA Form 2408-17 inventory is completed by PEO PM Personnel. If you need to make arrangements for an on-site inventory assistance visit, contact PEO AVN’s Jeff Ridenour at (256) 876-9140.
Point #4:

For units line hauling aircraft to the BEST Divesture program transfer location, follow TM 1-1520-237-S, Preparation for Shipment of Army Model Helicopters, (Jan 19) when loading any line haul aircraft for transport in order to prevent damage.
Point #5:

For units flying aircraft to the BEST Divesture Program transfer location, aircraft must be in flyable condition at time of transfer. All arrangements and coordination for fly-in aircraft that’s listed in UHPO’s movement directive must be adhered to and met for proper acceptance.
Point #6:

You must provide shipping and transfer documentation on a DD Form 1149, Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document, SF Form 1103, Government/Commercial Bill of Landing, and DA Form 3161, Request for Issue of Turn-In, for any line haul or fly-in aircraft and accompanying property turned in.
Point #7:

Electronically provide the latest aircraft Unit Level Logistics System-Aviation (ULLS-A) and/or Aircraft Notebook (ACN) transfer data. Submit the data using the DOD Secure Access File Exchange (SAFE) website within three working days after aircraft departure to the following recipient: Eric Soliz at

The DOD SAFE file exchange web address is:

Questions about movement directive and transfer criteria? Contact PEO Aviation’s Adam Garcia, (256) 313-3779 or James Grimsley, (256) 955-0355.