NEWS | Nov. 26, 2019

Aviation: Need Condition Code Tags?

Dear Sergeant Blade,

I’m the production control person in my FMS shop, and I need an NSN for the yellow DD Form 1574, Serviceable Tag-Materiel. Can you help me out?
Mr. J.P.

Dear Sir,

I sure can.  

While the yellow (DD Form 1574), red (DD Form 1577), green (DD Form 1577-2), and blue (DD Form 1576) condition code tags don’t have NSNs, you can order them through the Army Media Distribution Division (MDD). To set up an account, email the MDD customer service help desk at:
You can also call them at (314) 592-0910 to sign up for an account number and password. If you already have an account, order the forms by going to:
Yellow, red and green condition code tags Blue condition code tag
Yellow, red, green and blue condition code tags

When using condition code tags, remember to fill them out completely and include accurate information to prevent delays. Pay close attention to providing details in the REMARKS block about the part. That allows the person examining the part to understand and address the problem.
When a part is turned in with an incomplete condition code tag, time and money are wasted.

As a reminder, here’s a list of the tags and what they’re used for:

         1.  The yellow tag, DD Form 1574, is for a repaired component sent back to you from aviation support battalion (ASB) or depot.
         2.  The red tag, DD Form 1577, is for unserviceable or condemned components.
         3.  The green tag, DD Form 1577-2, is for a component that needs service or repair by ASB or depot.
         4.  The blue tag, DD Form 1576, is for a component scheduled for non-destructive inspection (NDI) or testing.                                   

If you need help with filling out the green, red, blue or yellow tags, check out DA Pam 738-751, Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System–Aviation (Feb 14).  

Condition Code Tag Infographic
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