NEWS | Nov. 26, 2019

H-60A/L: Position Critical for Oil Cooler Sensor Mounting Block


During a recent Black Hawk test, technicians discovered the oil cooler sensor mounting block wasn’t installed correctly.

Oil cooler sensor mounting block installed incorrectly

The sensor block was installed with the fore/aft sensor facing the right side of the aircraft instead of facing forward.

The fore/aft sensor is the primary sensor used to calculate the oil cooler shaft balance inches per second (IPS) and is also used to calculate bearing faults. If you change the sensor’s position, it becomes less sensitive and can miss detecting faults.

WP 1955 in TM 1-1520-237-23&P (Jan 19) doesn’t specify the mounting direction.  However, Figure 1 of the work package does contain a drawing showing the correct orientation.

Follow TM to install oil cooler sensor mount and sensor correctly

During your next preventive maintenance daily (PMD), take a moment to eyeball the oil cooler sensor block to make sure it’s installed in the right position. While you’re at it, ensure the oil cooler lines aren’t in contact with the accelerometer.

Accelerometers are sensitive components. Correct installation will help ensure the safety of your aircraft and you’ll have less of a maintenance burden.