NEWS | Nov. 26, 2019

BDAR Kit: Get One Today!

The TRADOC Project Office (TPO) for Battlefield Recovery/BDAR has developed a new and improved battle damage and repair kit for all ground combat and tactical systems.
The improved kit, NSN 2590-01-659-5620, has all the capabilities of the previous kit, with a few new components.
The kit can also be split into sub-kits to save space on missions. For example, an M1A2 tank crew wouldn’t require a tire repair kit, but wheeled vehicle crews would.  Both might need the electrical and hydraulic kits.
The new BDAR kit is a Class IX item and can be ordered through the supply system right now.
To make the new kit its absolute best, TPO-BR needs your feedback. Tell them how the kit components work and how the kit can be improved. Contact TPO-BR at DSN 298-3050/3488/4115, (410) 278-3050/3488/4415, or by email: