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M17/M18 Modular Handgun System: Sight Adjustment

| Nov. 25, 2019

Some Soldiers are trying to adjust the front sight on their new M17/M18 pistol. Big mistake!

Adjusting the front sight yourself usually means a broken sight. And there’s no reason to adjust it anyway. The pistol came from the manufacturer already zeroed.

If your front sight gets damaged and needs replacing, see WP 0010-6 and -7 in TM 9-1005-470-23&P (Jun 19) for the steps to replace it.
Damaged M17/M18 pistol front sight
Adjusting the front sight on the M17/M18 pistol can lead to damage
Your small arms shop will have the special sight pusher tool, NSN 1005-01-665-0463, needed to do the job right. It leaves the pistol zeroed and ready to fire.
Special sight pusher tool
Sight pusher special tool

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