NEWS | Nov. 25, 2019

MEDEVAC: Breeze-Eastern Rescue Hoist Training Available


There’s a great need for maintenance training on the Breeze-Eastern external rescue hoist.

To support that need, training is available through Vertical Lift Consulting at:
At this website, you can sign up for available slots in upcoming Breeze-Eastern training or MEDEVAC hoist workshops, request training for your unit, see upcoming events, read hoist-related blog articles, and access a library of other materials. Access to most of the information is restricted and requires registration and login privileges to the website.
Picture of hoist training
Hoist training (courtesy of Vertical Lift Consulting website)

Registration is limited to those who have completed the Breeze-Eastern sponsored training, or those with a .mil or .gov email address. 

Read more about hoist training opportunities at the website below (click on picture to access the site)

Click on picture to access website