NEWS | Nov. 25, 2019

Aviation: Don’t Hoard T700-GE-701C PTMs


Returning unserviceable parts that are no longer being used benefits you.

If you have any unserviceable T700-GE-701C power turbine modules (PTMs), NSN 2840-01-286-1909, stockpiled in your back shop area, this part is no longer used on the Apache and Black Hawk aircraft and should be turned in. That’s because it’s being replaced by NSN 2840-01-503-1700.

All of the -1909 PTMs should be turned in to help with the existing overhaul programs so the item can be converted to the -1700 configuration.

This guidance applies to all unserviceable parts. Whenever you order a repairable item, an unserviceable one should be turned in to receive the unserviceable credit. That offsets the full purchase price, and helps out the depot repair folks.