NEWS | Nov. 25, 2019

AH-64/H-60: How to Replace T701D Engine Nameplates and Data Plates


Getting a replacement Apache or Black Hawk T701D engine nameplate or module data plate just got a little bit easier.

Corpus Christi Army Depot’s (CCAD) new Item Unique Identification (IUID) request form provides the means to replace lost and illegible nameplates and data plates. You can also use the request form for new nameplates when engines are upgraded. You’ll find the form at the Joint Technical Data Integration (JTDI) website:
After signing in with your CAC,
  • Click on the My Sites drop down menu at the top and select UHPO.
  • Then click T700 in the menu bar.
If your unit needs a new or replacement nameplate, contact the AMCOM 2410 Hotline T700 manager on the JTDI website. On the UHPO page, click on MCDS/2410 Database in the left-hand column under the Related Links. There you’ll find all the necessary contact information.

Note: the new nameplate design mandates a unique identification (UID) marking with component verification by quality control personnel. All units are required to use this process to get plates for new aircraft engines.