NEWS | Nov. 25, 2019

Apache: Turn-ins Reduce Repair Parts Shortage


AMCOM repair programs need your help!  When Apache parts are unserviceable, it’s crucial that units turn them in for repair in a timely manner.  The supply system can only meet the demand for parts when it has parts to repair to send back out to users.

Here’s a list of needed parts:
Item NSN
  Main rotor head (expedite) 1615-01-512-0889
  Main  transmission (expedite prime NSN only) 1615-01-532-9390
  MSPU(critical) 1270-01-544-6370
  Main rotor blades (critical) 1615-01-332-0702 &
all Rel-cd NSNs
  Tail rotor gearbox (expedite prime NSN only) 1615-01-507-5294
  Intermediate gearbox (expedite prime NSN only) 1680-01-530-1625
  Connecting link (critical) 3040-01-154-7056
  Remote lever (expedite) 1560-01-264-2104
  Tail rotor shaft assembly (expedite) 1615-01-388-1326
  Tail rotor coupling (expedite) 1615-01-154-7077
  Shouldered shaft (expedite) 3040-01-156-5372
  Base mast support (expedite) 1615-01-155-6581
If you have these parts and they’re unserviceable, turn them in now. Holding on to unserviceable H-60 components means others can’t get what they need when they need it, so don’t stockpile them.   

Instead, turn in all the unserviceable parts to CCAD for repair at:
                            Plant 7015/RIC B52                              
Corpus Christi Army Depot
Corpus Christi, TX 78419

Remember, to meet the demand for parts from the field, there can be no shortages at CCAD, M&O commercial repair sites and national maintenance program (NMP) repair sites.

For information on how to receive credit for your equipment turn-in with GCSS-Army, check out Pages 56-57 of PS 771 (Feb 17):