NEWS | Nov. 21, 2019

MEP-531A: Generator Stud Terminal (Literally)

Dear Half-Mast,

I’m having trouble finding a valid NSN or PN for the stud terminal on an MEP-531A 2-kW generator. It’s listed as Item 11 in Fig 1 of TM 9-6115-673-13&P (Jun 10).
Copy of Figure 1 in TM 9-6115-673-13&P (Jun 10) 

 Callout of Item 11, Figure 1 in TM 9-6115-673-13&P (Jun 10)

Neither the NSN 5940-01-374-3138 or PN 588558-01 listed in the TM show up in the current FEDLOG. Any help is appreciated.

Dear Sergeant,

That NSN was cancelled and, after a while, FEDLOG no longer provided the replacement NSN.

NSN 5940-00-021-3321 will do the job just fine. It runs about $70.