NEWS | Nov. 18, 2019

Apache: USB Interface Device Now Available


If you haven’t received it yet, be on the lookout for the new MIL-STD-1553 Apache USB interface device, NSN 5995-01-668-2169 (PN ACS1553M, CAGE 644Y8). The Apache PM started distributing the device in mid-2019.

The official nomenclature of this device is “special purpose, electrical cable assembly.”

Each battalion will receive 10 devices for use in conducting maintenance data recorder (MDR) downloads. The new device replaces current MDR download devices such as the MSD-V internal card, the PCMIA card or the Express card made by Data Device Corporation (DDC).

Software for the device is available on the Apache JTDI webpage:
It can be installed without removing the DDC software, except for one file. Just log in with your CAC, Click Apache in the My Sites dropdown menu. Next, click on Software and scroll down to the links under Logbook Resources.
If DDC software is installed, installation of the AIM software will prompt you to remove or rename the ACE4.dll file. By renaming the ACE4.dll you’ll be able to switch between the different device types. It’s recommended you rename the unused file ACE4-DDC.dll or ACE4-AIM.dll, as appropriate, when switching between devices.
When you perform an MDR download, the Longbow Integrated Maintenance Support System—Ground Analysis Software (LIMSS-GAS) looks for the ACE4.dll and attempts to communicate with the device. LIMSS-GAS prompts an error if the ACE4.dll doesn’t correspond with an available new 1553 device.

If that happens, you can test the installation without actually connecting to the aircraft by following these steps:
1. Launch LIMSS-GAS.
2. Select “Download MDR Data.”
3. Select “MDR Status.”
4. An error code of “303: BC no response” indicates a successful installation. It means LIMSS-GAS and the device were able to communicate, but the device was not able to communicate with the MDR.