NEWS | Nov. 8, 2019

Apache: Inspection Kits Now Available


PM Apache heard your concerns about inspections on the aircraft and gun. 

A lot of the angst dealt with the hours required to locate and gather parts for the 250-hour, 500-hour and six-month gun inspections. PM Apache answered those concerns with a series of kits that reduce the man-hours associated with gathering parts and getting the job done.

Here are the Apache inspection kits you’ll need:
  • E-Model 250-hour inspection kit, NSN 4920-01-657-9111.
  • E-Model 500-hour inspection kit, NSN 4920-01-658-8362.
  • D-Model 250-hour inspection kit, NSN 4920-01-564-0311.
  • D-Model 500-hour inspection kit, NSN 4920-01-564-0327
  • Apache D-Model and E-Model six-month 30mm gun inspection kit, NSN 4920-01-564-0333.
Get your orders in now so you’re ready to do inspections when the time comes.

For more information on the kit component list and quantities or if you have questions, recommendations or suggestions for future updates, email David Robinson: