NEWS | Nov. 8, 2019

Apache: Return Servo-Cylinders in Original Containers


When returning unserviceable Apache servo-cylinders for overhaul, your shipping container makes all the difference. To ensure the servo-cylinders arrive safely and with no further damage, always use their original, reusable, shipping and storage containers.

A makeshift container, box or crate may look sufficient, but chances are good the servo-cylinders inside will arrive at the repair facility with even more damage! Even worse, using the wrong container makes your unit liable for the cost of a new container. While the containers aren’t incredibly expensive, the costs can add up.

Your installation LRC Supply & Services Division (Packaging and Crating or PPP&M) usually keeps a supply of the white, multi-purpose containers on-hand, such as the one shown below.

Use original container to ship servo-cylinder

Check with your Combat Aviation Brigade’s supply support activity (SSA) if you need a container.

Here’s a short list of servo-cylinders and the containers to use for each:
Servo-cylinder Servo-cylinder NSN Container NSN
Directional servo-cylinder 1650-01-273-7610 8145-00-529-8585
Longitudinal servo-cylinder 1650-01-494-0084 8145-00-529-8585
Collective/Lateral servo-cylinder 1650-01-494-0083 8145-00-549-6647