NEWS | Nov. 6, 2019

Aviation: UMARK Limitation Criteria Abolished


If you haven’t heard, the Unit Maintenance Aerial Recovery Kit (UMARK) lifting limit criteria has been updated.
Picture of Unit Maintenance Aerial Recovery Kit
Completed MWO Means no lifting recertification required

With the completion of MWO 1-1670-260-50-3, users are no longer required to perform the five-year sling recertification. In addition, the 20 aerial lifts, 16 cumulative flight hour and 100 crane or hoist lift limitations are gone.

The MWO changed the UMARK NSNs 1670-01-454-9945 and 1670-01-501-8140 to NSN 1670-01-641-7829.

All the slings associated with the UMARK kit are condition-based maintenance items, so you maintain them using the guidance in TM 1-1670—261-23&P (Jun 16, w/Ch1, Nov 17). The slings have a 15-year service life, but no longer have lift limitations.

If you still have either of the old UMARKS, NSNs 1670-01-501-8140 and 1670-01-454-9945, they must be demilled and turned into DLA Disposition Services (DLA-DS). Follow the instructions in MWO 1-1670-260-50-3.

If you have questions about the UMARK turn-in process, contact the AGSE help desk at: