NEWS | Nov. 5, 2019

Black Hawk: Don’t Stockpile Unserviceables


Keeping unserviceable Black Hawk assets on the shelf does no one any good. It’s much better to turn in that equipment for repair so it can be returned to service.

The equipment listed below has a low unserviceable return rate. So, if you have any of these items hanging around your hanger, turn them in now!
Nomenclature NSN PN Item Manager
Control, interface 5895-01-620-0416 899-3100-017 Kelly McDaniel, (256) 313-1383,
Blade, rotary wing 1615-01-113-8188 70101-31000-043
Blade, rotary wing 1615-01-546-1148 70150-09200-041
Blade, main rotor 1615-01-106-1903 70150-09100-043 Allen Forche, (256) 876-5481