NEWS | Oct. 30, 2019

UH-60: Have Unserviceable Parts? Turn Them In!


The maintenance and overhaul programs need your help! The supply system can only meet the demand for parts when it has parts to repair.

The parts listed below have low return rates. That means others can’t get what they need if you’re stockpiling unserviceable H-60 components or parts around the hangar. Turn in all unserviceable items for repair, ASAP
Item NSN
UH-60A/L horizontal stabilizer 1560-01-301-8212
UH-60A/L stabilizer fitting assembly 1560-01-088-1709
UH-60A/L/M hydraulic accumulators (critical items) 1650-01-222-4316
UH-60A/L/M auxiliary valve assembly (critical item) 1650-01-399-5104
UH-60A/L/M hydraulic pumping unit 5340-01-147-2150
UH-60A/L/M primary transfer module hydraulic servo valve 1650-01-162-5035
UH-60A/L/M hydraulic servo valve 1650-01-263-7870
UH-60A/L/M hydraulic motor pump 1650-01-244-6682
UH-60M right-hand stabilator (critical item) 1650-01-542-8455
UH-60M left-hand stabilator (critical item) 1560-01-542-7904

Got questions? Contact Paula Davis at DSN 897-8092, (256) 842-8092 or email:
For more information on how to receive credit for your equipment turn-in with GCSS-Army, check out Pages 56-57 of PS 771 (Feb 17):