NEWS | Oct. 29, 2019

AH-64: ECS Servicing Carts Repairable


Requisitions for the Apache and MEDEVAC environmental control unit (ECS) servicing cart, PN 7-562104012-605, are no longer filled.

This equipment is a modified commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) automotive air conditioning freon evacuating and service cart, Robinair model 17800B.

Since supply is no longer available, you must ensure the readiness of your existing ECS carts. If you have unserviceable carts, turn them in to a regional repair facility.  The repair facility will examine and determine if the ECS carts can be repaired.

Apache PM has a repair program in place with CECOM. They can repair all authorized ECS carts at no expense to the unit, other than transportation costs. But only NSN 4330-01-512-5423 (PN 7-562104012-605) and NSN 4330-01-476-3165 (PN 7-562104012-603) are authorized for repair.
Image of two authorized ECS servicing carts
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Make a note that the portable ECS service system, PN 7-562104100-607, is not a part of the repair program.

For more information about the ECS servicing cart repair program, contact Ed Colon, DSN 645-3463, (256) 955-3463, or email: