NEWS | Oct. 23, 2019

GCSS-Army: Deciphering Document Numbers

GCSS-A documents numbers have 10 digits, but it’s the first two digits that indicate the type of transaction taking place:
First two
00 Transfer Order (TO) – Internal SSA movement that transfers an item from bin to bin within the warehouse.
10 Purchase Requirements (PR) – Request for a material pending release.
18 Inbound Delivery (IBD) - Created against a document when an item is shipped.
22 Property Book Purchase Order (PO) Property Book Dedicated Order.
71 Unit Request or Turn in (STO) – Customer Order requesting supplies or turning in supplies.
45 Standard Purchase Order (PO) – SSA or dedicated customer order.
80 Outbound Delivery (OBD) – Created against a document when you have a due out at SSA or customer turn-in.
60 Purchase Requisition (PR) - for Property Book Asset Adjustments and “WANTS.”
 Material documents
49 Inventory loss.
50 Inventory gain.