NEWS | Oct. 11, 2019

Patriot: Tips Worth Saluting

Dear Editor,

We’ve come up with a few tips that will save other Patriot Missile units time and trouble.
  • Remember that pulling out the embedded data recorder no longer reboots the system. That used to be the standard check to see if the recorder was good. But the update to the Modern Man Station changed that.
  • Because of the Combined Cryptographic Modernization Phase-1 (CCMP-1) upgrade, you must follow the boot up steps in the ECS -10 TM exactly. If you don’t, you put faults in the system that lead to needless troubleshooting. 
  • Put the engagement control handle (ECH) all the way to either ROTATE or ELEV when you rotate or raise the launcher. If the handle isn’t completely set to one of the two positions, it eventually gets damaged. Plus, this can cause faults in the launcher system. If the handle becomes difficult to move, don’t jerk it. That can damage it. Your unit maintenance can adjust the handle so it’s easier to shift.

  • Don’t forget the PAC 2 launcher’s motor control unit (MCU) circuit breaker. If it’s not turned off, the launcher can unexpectedly slew during maintenance. Just remember the circuit breaker must be turned back on to move the launcher. This isn’t a problem with the PAC 3.
  • Keep launcher cables tied back. Always check the launcher for dangling cables before you operate. Unsecured, cables snag and get ripped out when the launcher traverses. One Patriot unit lost a launcher J box along with its cable and wiring harness because all the cables weren’t tied back. That cost them almost $500K in repairs.
WO1 Kayla Wilkes
SGT Travis Blackburn

Editor’s note: Excellent tips! Follow the TM for your launcher version for where to tie back cables. Use launcher cable clamp assemblies, NSN 4030-01-582-8341, to secure them.