NEWS | Sept. 30, 2019

SECM: Get Parts for a Rainy Day

Dear Half-Mast,

Our unit needs help finding NSNs for some parts on the shop equipment, contact maintenance (SECM) truck.

First is the rain build-up tube, NSN 4710-01-619-6151. It’s shown as Item 13 in Fig 2 of TM 9-4940-574-13&P, but the NSN is a terminal item. Is there a replacement NSN?

Second is the rain gutter shown as Item 15 in Fig 2. It has a part number (11B363073) and CAGE (59678), but they don’t cross to an NSN on FED LOG. Is there a good NSN?
                                                                                                                                                                                 SFC G.K.W.

Dear Sergeant,

Here’s the scoop on those SECM parts:

The NSN for the rain build-up tube was cancelled and replaced with two new NSNs. Order NSN 4710-01-642-6841 to get a build-up tube for the rain gutter and NSN 4710-01-642-6842 to get the build-up tube for the floor pans.


As for the rain gutter itself, there is no NSN. If you need one, you can fabricate it from aluminum sheet metal. For a drawing and instructions, email the SKOT group