NEWS | Sept. 27, 2019

H-60 Series: Turn in AN/PRC-117F in SATCOM B-Kits

If you have aircraft in your unit with the AN/PRC-117F SATCOM MWO applied, the AMCOM headshed needs you to turn in the B-kit assets.

The B-kits are needed for overseas contingency operations requiring SATCOM, so round up all you can find and turn them in ASAP.

The PRC-117F radio system can no longer be purchased, so B-kits are only available if they’re turned in.
PRC-117F radio system can no longer be purchased
SATCOM Radio Set Assembly
Item NSN Cage PN QTY
AN/PRC-117F radio set 5820-01-462-2484 14304 10513-0500-011 1
KDU extension cable 6145-01-461-5300 14304 10511-0704-012 1
Transceiver power unit 6130-01-493-6643 08TP4 ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-1 1

If you have this equipment, contract the UHPO property book POC: Eric Zurowski, (256) 313-1310.Or email:
The return address for shipment is:
AMCOM FSRD Distribution Center
Bldg. 8024
Cottonwood Rd
Attn: Gary Williams, (256) 955-9638 (RECAP)
Mark for: Eric Zurowski, (256) 313-1310
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898