NEWS | Sept. 27, 2019

H-60A/L/M: Hoist Mod Approved for Event Counter Viewing Window


Aviation Engineering Directorate liaison engineers—or AED LEs— now have permission to modify the MEDEVAC’s external rescue hoist, NSN 1680-01-505-3913,
aft cowling.

MEDEVAC units who want to apply the fairing modification must work through their logistics assistance representative (LAR) and liaison engineer (LE) for a maintenance engineering call (MEC) authorization letter.

If you don’t have access to a servicing LE, email AED directly at:
If units decide to perform this modification, it’s also a good idea to purchase a couple of extra fairings to keep on hand.

That way, if you need to turn in a hoist to supply, you can keep the modified fairing, which is:
AFT Cowling,
PN BL-14658-1,
CAGE 08484
(Breeze-Eastern LLC).