NEWS | Sept. 26, 2019

FMTV: Mud Flaps vs Splash Guards

It’s a messy world out there. Mud flaps and splash guards can help. But not if you get the wrong ones, which has been happening with the M1078A1 FMTV!

The M1078A1 FMTV mud flaps and splash guards, shown as Items 26 and 28 of Fig 241 in TM 9-2320-391-23&P (IETM EM 0369, Oct 17), are reversed.

Item 26 shows the mud flap, but the NSN listed belongs to Item 28, which is the metal splash guard that attaches to the mud flap.

Until the TM is corrected, make a note to order the mud flaps with NSN 2540-01-377-4293 for serial numbers 100,000 and below or NSN 2540-01-525-3309 for serial numbers 100,001 and above. Order the metal splash guards with NSN 2540-01-522-1856.

Both the mud flaps and splash guards come as sets of two. And don’t be confused, since they’re both listed as splash guards in FED LOG.
Big thanks to CW3 David Karels who caught this TM mistake!