NEWS | Sept. 25, 2019

Stryker: Faulty Headset? Now Hear This!


Having a problem with the Stryker’s Bose® improved tactical headset (ITH)? If so, don’t be so quick to toss it aside and order a one. Instead, save your unit money by troubleshooting and repairing it.
Graphic depicting the Bose headset which is repairable by field maintenance.
Bose improved tactical headset is
repairable by field maintenance

The headsets, NSN 5965-01-612-5328, cost more than $800 each. Troubleshooting and repairing the ITH is usually easy, so give that a try instead of spending bucks when you don’t need to!

You’ll find all the info you need to maintain and repair the Bose® headsets in TM 11-5830-263-20&P (Apr 00) and TM 11-5830-274-13&P (Mar 16).

Figure out what’s wrong with a faulty headset using this revised troubleshooting flow chart below. It hasn’t been added to the TM yet.
Graphic depicting troubleshooting flow chart to repair Bose headset.
Troubleshooting flow chart to repair Bose headset.
Use this table to fix faulty components:
Component Condition Corrective Measures
Earcup assembly Check for cracks and other visible damage to the housing Replace earcup assembly
Neckband Check for visible damage Replace neckband
Neckband cover Check for cuts or tears Replace neckband cover
Over-helmet strap Check for physical damage Replace strap
Ear cushions Check for visible cuts Replace ear cushions*
Cloth scrim in earcup Check for tears or excessive dirt Clean or replace scrim*
Cables Check for cuts, kinks, or frayed area on cable Replace cable/mic assembly*
Connectors Check for dents or other physical damage; corrosion buildup Replace cable/mic assembly*
Battery compartment Check for leakage, dents, corrosion buildup or other physical damage Replace cable/mic assembly*
Microphone and boom Check for visible damage to microphone assembly Replace cable/mic assembly
Windscreen and O-ring Check for damage to windscreen or missing O-ring Replace windscreen and O-ring
*Refer to applicable removal and replacement procedure

Here are the repair parts that are available. Note that they haven’t been added yet to the RSPTL:
Part NSN
Headband top 5965-01-525-1695
Headband back 5965-01-525-2635
Outer ear cushion 5965-01-525-1694
Inner ear cushion 5965-01-525-2016
Microphone harness 5965-01-525-2019
Microphone shield 5965-01-525-1684
Electrical headset 5965-01-525-1685
Cable assembly 5995-01-525-1680
Electrical cover 5930-01-525-1675

Crewmen, you can make those headsets last a lot longer with preventive maintenance. That means keeping them clean, storing them properly so they don’t get stepped on or crushed by falling gear, and regularly checking them for cracks and other damage.