NEWS | Sept. 5, 2019

Air Warrior: Need Flex Body Armor?


PM Air Warrior has been issuing flex body armor for more than 10 years. But they are now out of the flex body armor business.

All flex body armor is the unit’s responsibility and should be on unit property books for issue to deploying Soldiers.

If your unit doesn’t have inserts to install in the flex body armor covers, you’ve got two choices:
  1. Check with other units in your state that are not deploying to get inserts from those units.
  2. Order them through the supply system.
Here are the NSNs:
Size NSN 8470- PN
XS 01-525-8046 1005910-1
S 01-525-8047 1005910-3
M 01-525-8048 1005910-5
L 01-525-8050 1005910-7
XL 01-525-8051 1005910-9