NEWS | Aug. 29, 2019

UH-72 Lakota: Alternate Rescue Hooks Approved

There’s a lot of chatter about which hoist hooks are or aren’t approved for the Lakota. We’ve got the official word…

The Lakota’s Goodrich rescue hoist comes with a hook damper, PN 44307-480-2, and slide lock rescue hook, NSN 4030-01-583-4063 (PN 42315-490), that are installed at the factory.

Both are covered under contractor logistics support (CLS).

Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) 25-00-29-1 has two more options listed in the illustrated parts list.

OPTION 1 is hook damper, PN 44307-480-1, with D-lok hook, NSN 4030-01-601-4980 (PN 42315-488), installed.

OPTION 2 is hook damper, PN 44370-480, with standard hook, PN 42305-283, installed. Both combinations work with the hook damper (PN 44307-480-2) currently installed on the Goodrich rescue hoist.

Note, because of its auto-lock feature, using the D-lok hook doesn’t require the steel O-ring listed in SOF H-72-17-SOF-02.

However, neither the slide lock, PN 42315-490, or the standard hook, PN 42305-283, has the auto-lock feature, so all requirements of SOF H-72-17-SOF-02 must be followed when using those components.

If units decide to purchase these alternate hooks…keep in mind they are not covered by the CLS contract for support.

The options in the CMM help standardize platforms for rescue hoist operations. There was no need for an airworthiness release for the alternate hooks since they’re covered in the CMM.

Lakota units that decide to install an alternate rescue hook on their hoist assume all responsibility for procurement, operation and sustainment.

Be sure to follow the CMM exactly when installing alternate hooks. And it’s recommended you tag and store any serviceable standard hooks for future use.