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NEWS | Aug. 28, 2019

DAGR: Returns and Replacements

Defense Advanced GPS Receivers (DAGRs) give Soldiers an edge in directions. But another kind of direction is needed when it comes to replacing defective or older
model DAGRs.

CECOM/ILSC (B16) is the source of supply for DAGRs and responsible for their sustainment. The current AN/PSN-13A’s DAGR’s NSN is 5825-01-526-4783, LIN N96248. 

Only unserviceable DAGRs with serial numbers 0001 through 111,500 should be turned in for replacement.  

Early DAGRs were initialized with incorrect crypto storage settings that rendered them unable to perform Over-The-Air Distribution or Over-The-Air-Rekey (OTAD/OTAR).

Since GPS satellites weren’t beaming the OTAD/OTAR signal at that time, it wasn’t considered an issue.

Since then, the GPS Directorate has activated the OTAD/OTAR signal, which makes unit-level action imperative to retrofit DAGRs to use the signal. A depot-level settings change is necessary to correct the issue.

If you have a DAGR with SN 111,500 and below, and aren’t sure if it has received the data element storage change, look at the back of the DAGR.

Check to see if the top two brass threaded inserts (screws) are painted green. If painted green, the DAGR is compliant and no further action is required.

DAGR SNs 111,500 and below whose screws aren’t green are non-compliant and users should follow the turn-in instructions.

If returning early DAGRs or after confirming DAGR failure (if the DAGR will turn on) using the built-in test (BIT), return equipment using the following procedures:
Instructions for DAGR Turn-In
Turn in unserviceable DAGRs through your unit’s supply support activity (SSA) to the B16 account.

The unit’s SSA signs the DD Form 1348-1A, Disposal Turn-In Document. The unit keeps a copy of the signed 1348-1A as proof of unserviceable turn-in and emails CECOM/ILSC a signed copy of the 1348-1A at:
If an SSA isn’t involved in the turn-in process, units may have major problems clearing their property books.

CECOM (B16) is not physically located at the depot, isn’t authorized to sign 1348-1As, has no visibility of what is turned in, and cannot go back to retrieve a copy of the signed document from the depot.

Keep in mind that shipping directly to a depot could result in lengthy delays. Neither the depot nor the item manager is authorized to sign turn-in paperwork.

However, if the SSA turns in the DAGRs through their system, as soon as they’re accepted by the depot, that closes the transaction and clears the property book.

If an SSA is not accessible to a unit, the property book officer (PBO) is responsible for the DAGRs, plus witnessing the packing and shipping, and recording the tracking number for the shipment. The PBO can then use that tracking information as justification to drop those assets from the unit’s property book.

When all steps are completed, email the integrated logistics support manager (ILSM) the DAGR replacement information sheet and a signed copy of the DD Form 1348-1A/SSA documentation to:
Once the return is verified, the ILSM will input a material release order to provide the DAGR replacement(s) to the DODAAC listed on the DAGR replacement information sheet. Keep in mind that the ILSM is only authorized to fill and ship unit shortages.

For outstanding DD Form 1348-1A receipts, contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center—the CIC. The CIC can be reached at 1-877-DLA-CALL, DSN 661-7766, or commercial 269-961-7766. Or email:
Give the CIC a copy of the DD Form 1348-1A and any other shipping documentation. The CIC will open a service ticket with DLA Distribution Research.

Each unit is responsible for return shipment costs, and B16 is responsible for the replacements. New DAGR replacements will have different serial numbers.
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