NEWS | Aug. 1, 2019

H-60A/L: New Resistors Improve Encrypted Wireless Intercom Performance

Pilots, a new resistor configuration is now available for the H-60A/L. It allows the aft crew to hear the aircraft radios turned down to almost zero when using the encrypted aircraft wireless intercom system (EAWIS). This is a pretty big deal.

After all, the current configuration doesn’t allow the radios to drop below about 80 percent before the aft crew can’t hear them anymore. That’s annoying to the pilots since the radios are competing for attention all the time at higher volumes.

The upgraded radio resistors not only improve audio performance, but also provide better clarity for EAWIS users. And an electrician can install the new resistors
in less than an hour.

Though the headshed recommends installation of the new resistor modules (PN TJSE20863 and PN TJSE20553), it isn’t mandatory. PM Air Warrior will only provide the replacement resistors to UH-60A/L aircraft units that have the EAWIS installed.

To get the resistors, contact Carrie Ducharme, (256) 842-3826 or email: