NEWS | July 22, 2019

M109A6 Paladin: Don’t Neglect Friction Linings

Dear Editor,

Of all the things Paladin crews need to check out during PMCS, one of the easiest to overlook is the cannon tube’s travel lock friction linings.

The friction linings cushion the tube when it’s in the travel lock, keeping metal from rubbing and scraping on metal. When linings are missing, a lot of damage gets done to the cannon tube.

So check the linings and have your mechanic replace them if necessary. That’s a lot easier and cheaper than replacing a cannon tube.

Mechanics, replace the bottom lining with NSN 2530-01-354-0400 and the top lining with NSN 2530-01-354-0401. Remove the old linings and adhesive residue with a wire brush.

Apply new adhesive, NSN 8040-01-484-0416, to the replacement linings using an acid swabbing brush, NSN 7920-00-514-2417.

Install the new linings and leave the travel lock open and unused for at least one hour so the adhesive can dry.

CW2 David Bradley
Ft. Bliss, TX

Editor’s note: Crews, this tip will keep you from catching friction from your commander!