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NEWS | Oct. 5, 2022

Reader Feedback: Inviting Your Input

BLUF: PS Magazine invites readers to answer a short questionnaire on how they engage with the PS Magazine website.

Image of MSG Half-Mast inviting reader feedback

PS Magazine readers, MSG Half-Mast here.      

For more than 70 years, PS: The Preventive Maintenance Magazine has provided Soldiers and Warfighters the most up-to-date information they need to help keep their vehicles and equipment mission capable and combat ready. Over these seven decades, we’ve used various formats, and November 2022 marks our third year as a fully online periodical.
We’ve always had a means for readers to reach out to us through our Reader Service, which enables them to ask questions and share best practices. But we’ve not yet sought specific feedback on how our readers engage with, like and use this website.
We’ve created a short questionnaire to gather this information, and we’d appreciate you taking a moment to complete it.
The first portion asks about your habits using this site. The second portion, which is optional, seeks information about the type of reader you are, such as MOS/branch, rank and unit type, among a few other details. Your responses are sent to us anonymously.

You can access it HERE.

Thanks in advance for taking about two minutes to complete this brief questionnaire.