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Logistics Management: DLA Fuel Card Intro
By | May 11, 2022
The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is offering a new fuel card. Read on to learn more about it...

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Logistics Management: DLA Menu of Services QR Code
By | May 2, 2022
The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) recently launched a webpage that highlights its products and support services. You need the QR code in this article to access it. Read on!...

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Logistics Management: MDL Moved to milSuite
By | March 24, 2022
Leaders, have you been looking for the latest Master Divestiture List (MDL)? If so, here's where to find it today...

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GCSS-Army: Use “My Work Place” for Increased Productivity
By | March 23, 2022
GCSS-Army’s Automated Identification Technology (AIT) “My Work Place” User Interface 5 (UI5) allows end users to conduct day-to-day tasks in less time while minimizing the potential for errors, increasing productivity. Read...

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MSD: CM Tool Update Available
By | March 16, 2022
An update for the maintenance support device (MSD) V4 that protects the device from unauthorized Windows updates when it’s connected to a network is available on CM Tool. Here's more info on that update...

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Logistics: Not Optional Says the Army Chief of Staff
By | March 16, 2022
In a recent article appearing in Breaking Defense, writer Valerie Insinna captured the observations of three top American generals about key lessons learned so far from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. One of the lessons...

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Set Up a Virtual TDY with PS Magazine
By | March 3, 2022
PS Magazine was created in 1951 to help Soldiers with maintenance and logistics issues. We’re still here to help after 70 years and we’d like to invite combat, combat support and combat service support units across the Army...

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I Sustain This Recognition Program: Nominate a Deserving Civilian Sustainer
By | March 2, 2022
Maintaining equipment to meet combat readiness requirements and stay in the fight, even under the most arduous of circumstances, often relies on the support of civilian sustainers and maintainers. Here's how you can recognize...

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AOAP: Temporary Gap in Service and Workarounds
By | March 1, 2022
Starting on Feb 20, 2022, the contract that supports the Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP) will experience a gap in service. Read on to learn more about its impact...

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Publications: Are Paper TMs Still Available?
By | Feb. 15, 2022
We have multiple vehicles without a -10 TM available for the operators to perform PMCS. That means that a lot of equipment gets dispatched without maintenance or the knowledge of how to properly operate them. Is there any way...

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Logistics & Maintenance Management: 2021 Year-In-Review
By | Jan. 26, 2022
From January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021, the Logistics/Maintenance Management section of the PS Magazine website welcomed 6,667 visitors who viewed 9,385 articles. As a part of the PS Magazine year-in-review, we took...

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Packaging: New COSIS Video from PSCC
By | Dec. 17, 2021
Army Sustainment Command’s Packaging, Storage, and Containerization Center (PSCC) has released the latest video in their Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS) series, Module 6: Care & Remediation of Electrostatic Discharge...

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Log Mgmt: AR 750-1 Is Authority for Correct MEL Calculation
By | Dec. 13, 2021
Over the last several years, the guidance on calculating Maintenance Expenditure Limits (MELs) has been unclear. Here’s the bottom line: The governing guidance for MEL computations is AR 750-1. And here's the correct...

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FedMall—Oct 12 Deadline to Keep Accounts Active
By | Oct. 7, 2021
There’s an Oct 12 deadline to ensure folks keep their FedMall accounts active. The FedMall website will be moving to a new platform and DLA needs to ensure users’ log-on info is up-to-date and activated before this migration...

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Logistics Management: AMPS Is the Gateway to DLA
By | Sept. 24, 2021
The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS) allows requests for access to DLA business applications. After the request is submitted, AMPS allows users to track the request and receive...

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Log/Maint Management: 2021 AAME, DEA and SEA Award Winners
By | Sept. 1, 2021
Congratulations to the winners and runners-up of this year’s Chief of Staff of the Army Logistics Excellence Awards (AAME), Deployment Excellence Awards (DEA) and Supply Excellence Awards (SEA)!...

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The Future is Now: AMC Implements Additive Manufacturing Digital Thread
By | Aug. 24, 2021
To be successful, AMC has to not only focus on present challenges but anticipate future opportunities that will enable it to sustain Army readiness smarter, faster, safer and more cost-effectively. One emerging technology...

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I Own This Campaign: Nominate a Deserving Warfighter
By | Aug. 16, 2021
Taking ownership and pride in assigned vehicles and equipment is vital to ensuring personal, unit and fleet readiness. Without this personal investment and active involvement, Warfighters fail to ensure preventive and...

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PS Magazine: A Trusted Source for Readiness Information
By | July 20, 2021
For 70 years, Soldiers—as well as other service personnel—have relied on PS Magazine to get the late-breaking, correct information they need to keep their fleets combat ready. Still, a question continues to pop up in motor...

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Logistics Management: 2020 Petroleum Excellence Awards
By | July 8, 2021
The US Army’s annual Petroleum Excellence Awards enhance petroleum readiness by recognizing achievements in petroleum management and fuel handling, while promoting awareness and strict adherence to petroleum operations...

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Logistics Management: Tire Shelf Life vs Service Life
By | July 2, 2021
Dear Editor, there’s been some confusion in the field about the difference between a tire’s shelf life and its service life. (Read on to discover the difference)...

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Log Management: Take Advantage of DLA’s RTD Program
By | May 26, 2021
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Disposition Services offers a variety of serviceable property through the reutilization, transfer and donation (RTD) program. Department of Defense (DOD) units and other agencies eligible for...

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MSD V4: Don’t Connect to the Network
By | May 7, 2021
Don’t connect your rugged or light MSD V4 to any networks under any circumstances until further notice...

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Modernization Displacement and Repair Sites: MDRS 101
By | Feb. 25, 2021
Soldiers, you may have heard that the Army has a new program being established to support modernization and equipment divestiture. Well, you’re correct. Modernization Displacement and Repair Sites (MDRSs) are being set up at...

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Don’t Spin Our Wheels!
By | Feb. 23, 2021
This article initially appeared in PS 759 (May 16), p. 1. PS Magazine gets lots of maintenance and supply questions each month. Sometimes we can send out an immediate answer. Other times, those answers take a couple days to a...

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Maintenance Training: Find Every Chance to Teach
By | Jan. 22, 2021
Listen up! The next time a vehicle comes into the shop with an apparent low tire psi, ask the operator if they have a tire gauge. Then ask them how to check the tire’s psi. You might be surprised to find out what they don't...

MSG Half-Mast
PS Magazine: Help Us Help You
By | Dec. 23, 2020
Each day, emails from Soldiers and DoD civilians all over the world come into PS Magazine seeking answers to challenges they're facing while maintaining their vehicles and equipment. And each day, Half-Mast or a member of his...

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UTAP: You’re Just a Click Away!
By | Nov. 17, 2020
This article initially appeared in PS 798 (May 19), p. 20-21. TACOM’s Unit Training Assistance Program, UTAP, provides approved training materials for a variety of TACOM-managed equipment...

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Logistics Management: Logistics Warriors Wanted
By | June 23, 2020
HQDA Deputy Chief of Staff G-4 is looking for a few stellar logistics warriors! A logistics warrior is anyone who’s done an outstanding job that should be recognized by the logistics community. For example, they can be a...

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PS Magazine: 2019 Index of Online Articles
By | June 12, 2020
Some of our readers have asked for an index of the latest articles. We listened and created a 2019 PS index. It has all the PS Magazine articles that appeared on our website starting in mid-2019...

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SMR Codes Give the Clues
By | March 9, 2020
This article initially appeared in PS 775, Pages 55-59.Having trouble finding or getting a part? You may be surprised to find the reason why is right at your fingertips. That’s because many TMs give clues about items in the...

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AN/AVS-7(V) 10 Heads Up Display: Turn In Unserviceable Stock and Excess
By | Feb. 26, 2020
CECOM is asking the field to turn in all unserviceable stock and all available excess of the following Class 9 items because there’s currently a shortage. This list includes items that support the AN/AVS-7(V)10 Heads Up...

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MK19: Property Book Serial Number Confusion Cleared
By | Dec. 19, 2019
Dear Editor, some units with MK19 grenade machine guns (Mods 3 and 4) have incorrect serial numbers listed on the property book. That's because the weapon is etched/engraved with both a serial number and the month/year of...

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Supply Management: Signature Required for Supply Pickup
By | Oct. 22, 2019
Supply Support Activity (SSA) accountable officers (AOs), did you know there’s a message out on customer pick-up and signature requirements? Be sure to eyeball it. Soldiers, before you leave the SSA with your supplies, make...